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RealTime POS

Access from multiple locations, even from home or a mobile device. You only need an internet connection and a small login program to connect and authorize you.

Cloud Security

The programs and your data are located in a secure offsite location. Updates and backups are quick and easy. If you have questions, our experienced staff can log on with you to assist in training and setup.

Gift and Loyalty Cards

Move your gift card or loyalty card system in-house. No need for an expensive outside hosted system. The balance is updated at time of invoice and is available to all stores in real time.

Centralized Billing

Customers can purchase from any location and be charged to the same account. Send out bills from a single location. Take payments from any or all locations. "

No Waiting

See reports by store or from all stores combined. There is no need to wait for a batch transfer at night because the inventory, A/R balances etc. are updated at the time of invoice.

New Version

Upgrade now. Don't miss
out on Profit-Premier's
newest time saving features.
For example our new Button
menu is now configurable.
Another great addition is
our ONLINE Vendor content.
Ask your salesperson
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EDGE Technologies has produced computer systems for retailers since 1989. The focus at EDGE is development, distribution, and support of our flagship product - Profit Premier. We continue to improve our systems, incorporating new technologies and retail advancements. We provide a PC/LAN based system for single stores and a RealTime hosted system for single or multiple locations. If you have multiple stores, there are many advantages with RT. Each store has realtime access to the other stores inventory levels, customer charge balances, gift card, loyalty points, reports and more. Authorized users can login to their systems from any location with an internet connection, even from home. RealTime simplifies backup, updates, support and much more.